About us

At the end of the 1950s, the Yanes-Herrera family from the Tigalate (municipality of Villa de Mazo) came to the capital district of Velhoco and acquired land that, at that time, was cultivated with bananas and tobacco.

They start with a small sale of provisions that, in turn, would also help the locals taste some tapas and good wine that was served there while they “threw” a game of cards, dominoes or simply to tell the “stories” of The time.

It was also custom to recite some tenths and sing with some guitar, timple, four or simply with some keys or any utensil but there was none of this.

It was customary to go through all the vents and in each one to interpret a different theme, here they used to interpret the Chipi-Chipi theme, fashionable at that time. This is how the name of the Chipi-Chipi Restaurant came about.

As the years went by, the site grew, the grill was made and the small sale (which continued) was moved to a place with a lounge, terrace and several individual rooms where families could eat in a more intimate way. All this was surrounded by magnificent vegetation with a variety of plants and flowers.

Later, at the end of the 80s and, after a design by the palmero artist Luis Morera, it was completely renovated keeping the original idea and keeping all the charm of the place.

Today, from those beginnings on January 1, 1960, we found a restaurant with all the essence of what was once the Chipichipi but taking into account new technologies and new times. In this way we have parking reserved for people with reduced mobility, we incorporate a website fully adapted to any device, we are present with Google Street View technology and we have our own online booking engine.

Our restaurant is specialized in all kinds of meetings and celebrations: weddings, baptisms, communions, business dinners …